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Sport Hydration

The supply of Aqualyte is supported by 'Point Health Australia' - Dr G. Bates and who's personnel have provided medical and exercise physiology services to many of Australia's elite athletes, organisations and international sporting teams through consultancy and professional appointments. In particular, specialised conditioning and physiological services have been provided to athletes and teams over five Olympic Games through involvement with the Western Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport and Hockey Australia.

The low sugar content of Aqualyte makes it suitable for prolonged use and is a healthier alternative to other sports drinks.

Dehydration of just 1-2% can affect both mental and physical performance by up to 6-7%. Therefore just slight dehydration can compromise training and recovery or adversely affect competition performance.

Australian Womens Hockey Team

The rapid absorption of Aqualyte prevents the feeling of fullness or bloating in the gut that can occur when drinking during exercise or competition. This rapid absorption allows you to consume what you need without discomfort. The mild natural flavours help avoid the after taste of sweeter drinks and Aqualyte is also lower in acidity than most other sports drinks.

Why is Aqualyte the preferred rehydration drink?
  • Prevents dehydration as it is rapidly absorbed keeping pace with sweat loss.
  • Contains appropriate levels of glucose to help prevent fatigue.
  • Fewer calories than other drinks, cordials and soft drinks which helps to prevent some health related issues.
  • Maintains the correct electrolyte balance.
  • Delays the onset of fatigue.
  • Less acidic than many other drinks making it better for oral health
  • Aids concentration in work and sport, which many caffeine rich drinks can compromise
Sport Hydration
Sport Hydration
Sport Hydration